Richard Youngs - South Voyager (Limited Edition 12'')

18 EUR

Artist Richard Youngs
Title South Voyager
Release Date October 2013
Production Details 
- Limited batch of 257 hand-numbered 12'' 180gr. Black Vinyl
- Handmade silkscreened cover
- Handmade silver ink stamped label & insert
- Artwork by Abel Cuevas

Any journalist will happily jump on the opportunity of utilizing hyperbole. And truly, Richard Youngsis a genius. His work is seminal and unique. Not only because he has composed brilliant works throughout his extensive career—worthy of being devoured by hungry academic minds—but because his own history, written in minor case and without artifices, has routed the direction of contemporary experimental music in almost anonymous fashion. Perhaps he is not a household name, but, without his contributions, the British experimental music scene would be a wholly different beast. His influential shadow has cast across such luminaries as Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance) and Kawabata Makoto(Acid Mothers Temple), just two of the musicians who have celebrated his inspired (and inspirational) talent.

Since kicking off his discography in the early nineties in his native Glasgow, Youngs has proven to be a prolific, hyperactive artist within a career that spans over 20 years, including three upcoming releases from September through December, 2013.

A multi-instrumentalist led solely by his own conviction, Richard Youngs has rewritten the history of folk (Sapphie, 2000), released a capella recordings (Summer Wanderer, 2004), flirted with pop music (Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits, 2010) and has written some of the more accurate lessons of experimental reverie (The Naïve Shaman, 2005). Perhaps his natural habitat lies in The South Voyager(Atonal Industries, 2013), consisting of three songs without titles that embody mantras, elevating the spirit and paving a path to a god; a god with the initials R.Y.

The career of Richard Youngs is triangulated by experimentation, improvisation—not only as an aesthetic concept, but also due to the limitation of resources—and a collaborative spirit who has previously worked with such renowned artists as JandekLuke Fowler (Turner Prize finalist) and up-and-coming auteurs like the multi-gifted Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells). Above all, Richard Youngs remains capable of defying the impossible. By his hand, the exceedingly difficult becomes surprisingly easy, and vice versa. His pop records are intricately multi-layered and forever fascinating. But even his experimental pieces have given way to catchy melodies that will forever remain engrained in your head. Richard Youngs is, without a doubt, here to stay.